Bunny Ear Air Humidifier & Diffuser – Pink


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PRODUCT DETAILS: Bunny Ear Air Humidifier & Diffuser Wireless/Portable

Water tank: 250ML

Size: 80*80*145mm

Color: Pink

Power: 1.5-2W

Voltage: DC5V

USE: Connect the power supply to the USB cable. After powering on, click the switch to turn on the continuous spray, Click the switch again to turn on the intermittent spray. The third click switch to turn off the spray. Add a cup of tap water to the tank and add 2-3 water-soluble essential oil. Please clean the water tank and filter in time after use to avoid corrosion by the essential oil. Press and hold switch 2S to turn on the LED light, and the color of the light changes automatically. Quick double-click the switch to fix the current color. Press the switch 2S again to turn off the LED light.

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