9CC Blue Sea Water Drops Cream

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Suffering from dry, flaky skin? 9CC Blue Sea Blanchiment Water Drops Cream is the perfect product to fulfill all your skincare needs. This Korean-imported cream has been specifically designed to sooth, comfort and brighten dry, sensitive skin.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 9CC Blue Sea Blanchiment Water Drops Cream uses natural, hydrating ingredients such as algae and Tahitian black pearl, providing lasting moisture for the whole day. It only contains ingredients that are tender and safe for the skin, making the cream suitable for use on all skin types. As well as working as a moisturizer, this whitening cream can also help you keep track of your skin’s health. With its intelligent water drops feature, you can see if your skin is perfectly healthy, too dry or too oily, allowing you to keep your skin in top condition.

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1 review for 9CC Blue Sea Water Drops Cream

  1. S Houser

    This water drops cream is amazing. Fully cleanse your face, use a toner, then apply cream. Not at all oily – just a wonderful moisturizing feeling going in to your skin. Highly recommend.

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