Cucumber Sleeping Disposable Gel Mask


Cucumber provides antioxidants to strengthen the skin and helps keep the face fresh and glowing.

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PRODUCT DETAILS: Good for all skin types, Cucumber has antioxidant components that help reduce wrinkles. It also contains Folic Acid and Vitamin C. While Folic Acid helps the skin fight environmental toxins, Vitamin C facilitates newer cell growth. These components help your skin to appear healthier, youthful, and firmer.

HOW TO USE: When using a gel mask, spread an even layer amount over your face using your fingertips. To remove the gel mask from your skin, soak a washcloth in lukewarm water and drape it over your face. Then, gently wipe the mask off of your face and follow up with a splash of lukewarm water to ensure that you got everything off. After the mask has been removed, apply a nourishing moisturizer. Avoid getting gel masks in your eyes or on your lips.

SIZE: 50mL


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