Purple Oak Moss Lavender Cold-Processed Soap


Our Purple Oak Moss Lavender Soap features a daring blend of oak moss and lavender. It has a purple color & sea salt for light exfoliation. A fantastic unisex scent.

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Why Cold-Processed Soap?

  • Our Cold-Processed Soap is made from all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients with no synthetic detergents.
  • Unlike synthetic body wash, which strips the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated, our soap replenishes and locks moisture into your skin.
  • Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, and Lye work together to create a luxurious lather that deeply cleanses and moisturizes your skin.
  • Mango Butter and Castor Oil provide additional moisture and contain antioxidants that combat aging by protecting your skin from environmental stressors and other free radicals.
  • Kaolin Clay prevents acne by absorbing excess oil or sebum while still leaving your skin smooth all day.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Oak moss is rich in earthy scent, very much like a damp forest floor covered in lush greens and aromatic foliage, Lavender adds that clean/calming scent, 4.4oz

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