Rose Hydrating Jelly Mask


  • Lightweight and breathable formula that doesn’t feel sticky or messy on the skin.
  • Most of the ingredients have anti-aging properties that help reverse different signs of aging.
  • Packed with natural ingredients that help minimize pores, as well as improve the skin tone and overall skin health.
  • Can be added to in-office skin rejuvenation treatments and at-home skincare routines.
  • Hydrates and protects the skin.


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PRODUCT DETAILS: (1 Packet of 15g) NOTE: 1 packet can provide enough for 3 face masks or more!

Although different brands use various formulas, most jelly masks contain natural ingredients that moisturize the skin and solve a variety of skin problems. These masks often contain antioxidants to fight free radicals. They also have electrolytes to further hydrate the dry skin in a way that drinking water and applying moisturizers can’t do. To maximize the benefits of jelly treatments, you can add about 1ml of hyaluronic acid to the facial mask mixture.

When choosing a jelly face mask to use for at-home treatments, make sure to read the product label carefully to ensure that it doesn’t have ingredients that could trigger allergies or skin irritation. It might also react badly to acne prone skin and sensitive skin type.


  • Open the packet of jelly mask powder and pour all the contents in a bowl filled with clean water.
  • Make sure to get the leftover powder from the packet by filling it with water and pouring the contents back into the bowl.
  • Mix the solution until it becomes firm but slightly gooey.
  • Apply the mixture to the face and wait until it sets.
  • Keep the jelly mask on for about 12 to 15 minutes to achieve the best results.
  • Gently peel off the mask and rinse the face with clean water.

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