Silver Glow Repair and Refining Mask


Cooling peel-off powder mask for a radiant, even complexion full of freshness and luminosity!

  • Antibacterial effect and contributes to a refined complexion
  • Helps reduce blemishes
  • Moisturizes, leaving the skin plump and fresh
  • Calms restless skin and gives it a balanced appearance
  • Improves the complexion for an even complexion
  • Improves the energy balance of the skin
  • Increases skin-elasticity contributing to a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion
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Silver is the ingredient that helps any skin problems go away. Scientific studies show that silver has an antimicrobial effect, refines pores, and gives a visibly clearer, calmer, and fresher complexion. The Silver Glow Repair & Refining Mask moisturizes, refines the complexion, calms redness, balances, and improves the complexion. The mask is ideal for restless skin that is prone to redness and impurities.

  • Silver – has an antibacterial effect, builds up the skin barrier, refines the complexion
  • Silicon – stimulates the connective tissue, promotes collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Aloe Vera – moisturizes, inhibits inflammation, and has a cell-stimulating effect
  • Hyaluronic acid – forms moisture deposits and pads the skin from the inside out with
  • Diatomaceous earth – soothes the skin & has a cleansing effect

Application of the Binella Silver Glow Repair & Refining Mask: Put the powder contained in a pack of masks in a bowl and fill the empty bag with water (approx. 25-30 ml) up to the mark. Then mix the powder and water quickly to form a homogeneous mass. In the next step, apply the mass with a mask brush or spatula in a thick layer onto the cleansed face, avoiding the eye area, hairline, and lips. Now let it dry for 10-15 minutes until the mask sets to a rubbery texture and carefully peel the mask off your face.

Tip: With the application of the Silver Glow Mask in the morning, the skin immediately shines with an even, clear, and full glow.

Contents: 1 packet of 15g each.

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